About me and Qigong.

I started my Qigong Journey fifteen years ago with Masters Bisong Guo and Liu Deming: this created an opening to the inner experience of this ancient practice.

And lucky for me, during the last 11 years I have been an active member of Roy Jenzen’s School for Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

Roy's focus on inner intention has given me the insight and some experience of the true nature and benefits of these Arts. I consider myself truly blessed and more than fortunate to have had and continue to have the benefit of Roy’s incredible teachings.

For the last decade or more I have risen early most mornings, to practise this ancient art. I have no doubt that this wonderful health pratice has enhanced my life greatly. It is the place I go to find my balance in life, and it is the place I go to maintain my health. In our fast paced world it is very easy to be knocked off centre, life can at times be extraordinarily challenging. For me it is essential that I can find a place of inner calm. And to find this, I practise qigong.